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Did you travel a lot before you got married or even had kids? Do you still love traveling but do not know where and how to start since the kids took over your life? Are you dreading travels because you’re anxious and nervous about taking the whole family with you and you know how expensive that can be? Well, Jennifer Flanders, an experienced globetrotter and mother of 12 definitely had you in mind  when she wrote her book Pack Up and Leave

Firstly, I cannot help but emphasize how much I love this book.  Jennifer does a good job of breaking down every aspect of planning trips..from a packing list, getting everyone involved in the planning process and writing down a list of places they are interested in visiting. This way the kids are excited about the whole process and feel involved. The different categories and chapters in this book are in bite-sizes and this is what I love the most about Pack Up and Leave. It is very useful information in small doses that it makes easy for you to understand. She also includes information you need about traveling on a budget, finding places where kids eat for free, taking advantage of free community events in the places you plan of visiting, traveling light, mementos, and souvenirs as well as games you can play on your road trips.

One major takeaway I got from reading this book is the importance of making memories with your children and that “vacation comes in all shapes and sizes”. So, you do not necessarily have to travel far away from home for a vacation, but you can plan something right in your town and still make the best memories with your family.

Thank you, Jennifer, for this book. I enjoyed it and I must confess I learned a lot from reading it. I am now looking forward to planning a vacation with my husband and son without getting cold feet. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn the ins and out of making new memories with their family without breaking the bank.

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